Our learner-centered framework utilizes Transmedia Storytelling in which integral elements of a narrative are dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels to create a unified experience.
Educators collaborate with learners to create Transmedia universes around specified learning objectives.
Through the integration of knowledge and skills, participants improve their ability
to analyze complex concepts, collaborate with and mentor others, problem-solve, be creative and learn about digital technology.

Creative, active and social engagement results in deep learning.


Our next workshop on critical thinking, creative writing, academic vocabulary, reading strategies and digital competencies will be conducted at Akita International University in Japan from Monday 9th to Friday 13th of June 2014. [more]


We offer paid training and workshops at tertiary, secondary, primary and corporate level. Our workshops identify threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge around which we help learners and educators create Transmedia universes of learning. These collaborative projects effect deep learning, improve teamwork and foster creativity. [more]


Moonbeam is an interactive eBook for children produced in 10 different languages that combines traditional illustration and storytelling techniques with interactive elements such as touch-screen, sound effects, animation and music available to download in iTunes. More info about the project available here.


Threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge are best approached through diverse and recursive modes of learning. Transmedia projects provide this approach. We help curriculum and syllabus developers identify areas where Transmedia Education can be best put to use. The result is deep engagement in learning.


This section is for you if you meet the following criteria: you are an educational establishment in the developing world, you would like a free 3 to 5 day workshop that will help you create a positive learning experience for your students, you are open to the idea of student-centered collaborative learning. If this sounds like you, please contact us. We will seek to cover the expenses of the workshop through our sponsors and/or crowd-funding.

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"What I like most is the possibility of having
different perspectives and ideas on the same point.
In addition to the diverse talents that are articulated"

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"What I saw is that students have much more ability
to use their knowledge in a practical and creative way
and I taught them to analyze the possibilities
of idea development."

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"From teachers in my group I learnt how to feed
on the ideas of others and I taught them that
no matter how crazy an idea may seem,
it can be accomplished."

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"I realize the creative tech could change our lives
and next time if there are other chances
I would prefer to utilize such forms to present."



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