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Mission Statement

    • Transmedia education helps educators and learners develop their skills and deepen their knowledge through the creation of Transmedia products. These products are then circulated across multiple delivery channels to create a unified learning project known as a Transmedia Universe.
    • Through constructing these universes, both teachers and learners find that their skills improve with regard to digital technology, conceptual understanding of knowledge, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. Research has shown that the integration of knowledge and skills leads to “improvement of the learning process…and gains in student achievement” (McCarthy et al, 2013).
    • This level of deep engagement contrasts sharply with much of traditional schooling and corporate training. Most educational and training programs cannot keep up with the rate of technological change and most educators lag behind their students in digital literacy.
    • Transmedia Education closes this digital divide. Educators utilize their learners’ digital skills and creativity, while learners’ benefit from their educator’s experience and topic knowledge. In the process of creating these projects, a community is formed which benefits each individual involved.
    • We very much enjoy helping institutions create these projects. They are creative, meaningful and transformative.
    • Our mission is to help you create a project. Whether you are a school, university or corporate training department, our student-centered approach will maximize your learners’ educational experience.