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Workshops Secondary


We help secondary school students to develop Digital Literacy – the ability to read, write, interact and learn through a wide range of platforms, devices, and different media such as books, videos, and social networks.

Our 6-hour workshop was conducted over three days. The objective was to explore how to teach reading and writing skills through the creation of videos, comics, blogs, and other cultural media products.

Participants choose to use a short text “Horror Story” by Juan José Arreola: “The woman I loved has become a ghost. I am the place of her appearances” (1998) and develop a Transmedia Universe. The different groups realized nine projects.

One of them developed eight different short independent texts that were digitalized using the online software Prezi.

Another group, inspired by the story wrote a new story and adapted it to video. Despite this being more similar to a classical adaptation rather than a truly synergetic Transmedia narrative, it is a good example of proficiency with smartphone technology in the recording and editing of video media.