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We help university students develop competencies sought in the globalized work place: collaborative problem-solving skills, digital media literacy, critical thinking and analysis, and creativity.

Students involved in this project constructed 5 different media products that allow them to fully comprehend the 5 basic different usages of the Imparfait and the Passé Composé in French. The products have been circulated through different media. Each production contributed towards an understanding of the grammar point. So, by consuming each production through the different media, students had a full knowledge of the 5 differences between the use of the Imparfait and the Passé Composé and a full understanding of the grammar point.
One of the products is a computer game written by a tutor and students using the Lite Edition of Game Maker. By playing this game, students learned the difference between how to use the passé composé to speak about a precise moment in the past and how to use the imparfait to talk about an undetermined moment in the past.

38 students in groups of 4 or 5 produced eight short films that use different genres, from mystery to documentary, to present Nottingham University’s Chinese campus to Nottingham UK and Nottingham Malaysia campuses students. The films were posted on the VLE where editing feedback was given by the tutor and other students. When complete the students used the VLE to vote for a winner.

The fourth video won the student competition. It is a mystery and travelogue whereby Conan, a famous Japanese anime cartoon detective, attempts to find his missing friend in the restaurants of Ningbo. It uses a mix of travelogue and mystery with Ningbo town as the background. Formal Japanese is used for narration, but when Conan talks to his friend he uses familiar Japanese. The film mixes anime sequences and music into the documentary and has English subtitles.


The Javeriana University project involved lecturers and students that applied the Transmedia approach to creative writing. They created a Transmedia universe based on the short story “The Dinosaur” by Augusto Monterroso: “When [s]he/it awoke, the dinosaur was still there”. Transmedia storytelling is suggested as a possible approach to the creation of democratic blended learning environments whereby student-created online learning products form part of the fabric of the educational experience.
One of the group members was the Colombian author Fabian Mauricio Martinez who quickly designed the base of the story and wrote the newspaper article around which the other members of the group developed the other products. The newspaper describes a man entering a bar, ordering something to drink, and then sitting down to watch a striptease. The man knows that the stripper is the girlfriend of the criminal “El Dinosaurio” who killed the man’s brother the night before. After the show the man goes backstage and forces the girl to follow him. At this stage “El Dinosaurio” arrives and punches the man unconscious.